Interior Design Ideas
Project Type :PLAY SCHOOL
Site Area :3996 Sq ft
Place of Project :VIJAYAWADA
Status :

Project Title

The project made us to design a play school. we were asked to create a simple and cost effective building that could be adapted easily to different site conditions and slightly varying programs. Creating a warm, playful and welcoming environment for these young children that would be filled with natural light and ventilation. They gave us the opportunity to play with pattern and use tropical colours typical of the vernacular architecture of the region. Judging the sun directions we played with a number of devices: horizontal and vertical pergolas that create interesting patterns on the building at different times of the day. In an age of air- conditioned schools becoming increasingly popular in India, we have attempted a climate sensitive, energy efficient and cost effective approach that utilizes minimal electrical load during the day due to effective harnessing of breezes and adequate natural light during the day.

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